Bristol Airport

We were asked to complete some on site welding works at Bristol Airport and were more than happy to help.

Hobbs Oil Refinery

Hobbs Oil Refinery was a great job to get involved in as it was the first Oil Refinery in the UK to implement a water bar system. The job went really well leaving the customer and ourselves delighted with the end result.

Police HQ Portishead

The Police HQ/Firing Range was a real challenge due to the fact that the bullet proof plating isn’t light or easy to handle. With that said we thrive on hard work and a good challenge and welcome any work similar.

Hand Rails

Hand Rails and gates are always welcomed as we love to design weld and fit lots of different styles and sizes. Feel welcome to come to us with an idea and we can make it happen.


We don’t just weld/fabricate from new, we also get involved with restoration projects. Click on the image to see an example of our restoration work that we’ve completed.


As you can see from our Miscellaneous section, we complete a wide variety of works. Ranging from in house production to bespoke gates and even the odd off-road buggy repair.